Here Are 4 Best Multi-Channel E-Commerce Platforms

Best Multi-Channel E-Commerce Platforms

Multichannel offers retailers an opportunity to interact with potential buyers in different ways. Hence, if you are an entrepreneur who wants to increase sales quickly, you need to consider the multi-channel retailing business. With this, you will get a chance to list your products on different sales channels. Some of the best channels to find a potential buyer are marketplaces, social media, and Comparison Shopping Engines.

Some multi-channel e-commerce platforms will help you sell across these sales channels. They come with advanced features to enable you to sell more of your products. Here are the best platforms:


Shopify stands out to be one of the best multi-channel e-commerce platforms. It will offer you an opportunity to add new channels that have traffic. Also, it integrates with Amazon which is the leading marketplace in the world. With this, you can sell your products quickly and increase sales. Setting up a Shopify store is easy, and anyone can have one even without skills. The good thing about Shopify is that it will allow you to sell on social media. The buy button of Shopify will enable customers to make purchases with ease. Also, this platform supports POS applications. With this, customers can make secure purchases even with their mobile devices.


Another great multi-channel e-commerce platform is the Magento. It works well for large and small businesses. This platform is highly customizable to enable you to add a wide range of features that will enhance the functionality of your business. With Magento, you can easily integrate your store with large marketplaces like eBay, Etsy, and Amazon using the M2E extension. Another great thing about Magento is the inventory management and order fulfillment features. With this, you can significantly enhance customers’ experience as you will deliver the right products on time.


Is your goal to increase the potential market and income? BigCommerce is a multichannel e-commerce platform that will allow you to sell on Amazon, Facebook, Google Shopping, and eBay. These sales channels have millions of users. Hence, you can find a potential buyer quickly. The good thing about Big Commerce is the responsive design. This feature will increase the conversion rate as most of the customers will view your site using the mobile device.


WooCommerce is an open source platform that will offer you the freedom to add features. It will care for your unique business needs. Also, it will keep your stock up-to-date whenever you make a sale on the sales channels. With WooCommerce, you will need to install a WP-Lister Pro for Amazon plugin to integrate with multi-channel. With this, you can select sales channels that will work well for your business.

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