3 Irresistible Reasons for Choosing a Hosted Enterprise E-Commerce Platform over the Open Source

Choosing a Hosted Enterprise E-Commerce Platform

Do you have a plan to move your enterprise business to the online arena? If so, finding a reliable enterprise e-commerce platform is the initial step. You must go for the right platform to achieve success or kick off your e-commerce journey on the appropriate gear. When it comes to choosing a platform, you have to options. First, you have the open source solutions. These solutions require you to have some coding background or ability to hire an expert. The other option is the hosted of the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) option. With SaaS, you do not need to code anything. Your work is to drag and drop the features you want.  If you are in a dilemma on the best platform to go for, here are three top reasons why you should consider a hosted enterprise e-commerce platform:

Easy to use

Moving your enterprise to the e-commerce world should not be a hustle. You should be able to build your online store or e-commerce website without any struggle. The hosted platform providers such as Shopify are aware of this aspect. Hence, they provide you with an easy to use a web editor. With basic computer knowledge, you can build your online store. All features are available on the editor. You can build a website with a short period and start selling immediately. This is not the case with open sources where you have to take some days or weeks to finish your website. Hence, if you want to move online immediately, going for a SaaS enterprise e-commerce platform is a good idea.

No maintenance cost

Are you facing financial challenges? Starting to sell online should not add extra costs to your business. You aim to operate at the least cost as possible. One benefit of a hosted platform is that the provider has the responsibility of maintaining your software and tools. Upon paying your monthly fees, you do not need to incur additional costs trying to update your site software. For the open sources, this is not the case; you have a duty of ensuring your software are up to date. Hence, if you are looking on to saving costs, SaaS enterprise e-commerce platforms are the best option.

Availability of high responsive themes

In the digital era, your site must be responsive to device screens. By this, it means having highly responsive templates. For an open source, you have to struggle to make your site responsive. They do not have any predesigned templates. However, the SaaS enterprise e-commerce platforms offer an array of paid and free responsive templates. Hence, it is a good option.


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